How should the correct use of citrus garden spray with a small gasoline engine?(Hits:) 
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(1) to start preparing check engine everywhere in front of the connector is loose, whether external screw nut fastening;Turn the start by hand wheel, check whether the compression is normal, whether there are parts interference phenomenon;Check the spray pump belt, found too loose or too tight should be adjusted to a suitable level.

(2) the starting and running open the drainage valve switch, to set the choke to the "start" position, the hand throttle at 1/2 ~ 2/3, then use slow start rope pulling a few times, make the fuel into the cylinder, the smooth quickly start rope, the need to pull 1 ~ 3 times of good gasoline engine can be started.Started to choke full open, position, and will hand throttle is working under no-load running 3 ~ 5 minutes, after waiting for machine temperature normal open spray pump into the liquid valve, loading operations.

(3) the downtime will hand the gas in low speed position, discharge load of engine and stay in no load of engine speed, slowly closed throttle after cooling down.Forbidden when high-speed gasoline down sharply, lest make gasoline engine damage.

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